I Survived Shopping

Hey Puffins, I’m so glad to be back to Stuff in a Powder Puff. I made it home finally. It took hours. Hours of shopping in stores. With people. And traffic. *shiver*

I know it is a week before Christmas. I have no business going to a store this late in the year. But I really couldn’t help it. I had to get stuff and I was running out of time to get it done. The traffic getting into town was bad at 2pm in the pouring rain.

I went to WalMart first. I figured that would easily be the worst place (I was right.). I dodged around carts that people kept parking in the middle of the isle. I listened to a toddler scream “Daddy I want that!” for 15 minutes while Daddy ignored her. I listened to a grown man make fun of an elderly cashier. I had words with him. It wasn’t pleasant.

Here is the scenario:

I’m in the express lane with 15 items. Lady in front of me has 3 items. Man behind me has a few items in his hand, maybe 4 things. Our cashier was easily over 70 and visibly struggling to keep a steady pace. The lady in front of me is getting rung out. I’m standing there minding my own business. The man behind me, probably in his early 50s, starts running his mouth.

Very loudly, he says “They need to take the ‘speedy’ part off this line.” His lady-friend laughs. I grimace. The older lady ignores him and keeps going. I get my stuff on the counter. Very loudly again, he says “People these days have no work ethic. My generation is known for a good quality hustle. I’d never pay someone that works so slow!”

I couldn’t take it. I turned to him. Sweet smile. “Oh wow, and here I thought your generation was known for having manners.” I turned back to the cashier as the middle-aged lady behind this big mouth busted out laughing. He sputtered something about learning to take a joke. I ignored him.

I’m sorry but his attitude was uncalled for and jokes are meant to be funny. So he’s waiting in line. We’re all waiting in line. That poor cashier was at a register closest to the door where it is cold, wet, and windy. Maybe she had some arthritis going on. It’s not like she was on her cell phone or standing there doing nothing. Give the woman a break. It is freaking Christmas! Ugh.

I really, really dislike people being rude to service staff. That is a huge no-no for me.

I finally got out of WalMart in the pouring rain and realized my coat was still soaking wet from getting into the store. Dangit. Leaving the parking lot wasn’t an issue (surprising) but getting onto the highway was a huge problem. I spent 30 minutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a roundabout trying to go 1 mile to turn onto the highway. I almost witnessed 2 different wrecks from people being impatient and deciding to turn around but cutting off oncoming traffic in the process. It was a nightmare.

I made it to the mall just as the rain was letting up. Thank you rain gods! Sephora did not have the item I was looking for though. Dangit! I learned there is a difference in products carried by Sephora stores/Sephora.com and Sephora in J.C. Penny. I settled on a different gift and then made the mistake of browsing. I watched a demo of the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation on another customer. The finish is beautiful. Guess who now has her own Lock-It Foundation in a color matched shade. Yeah.

I finally made it to the Dollar Tree 3 hours after this adventure started. I’m wet through from off-and-on rain. I’m grouchy and ready to be at home in dry pajamas. I run the Dirty Santa game every year at our family Christmas party. I get 20-30 items from the Dollar Tree, pick up 3-4 nicer items at various other places, and then I run the game so that Mom and everyone else can participate. For Dollar Tree, I literally go up and down every isle just to see what they have. If it looks like something I can stick in a reasonably sized box, I get it. I try to get a mix of household items, food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies. Some of it silly kid stuff like bubbles and toddler silverware. Some of it is useful like mutli-tools and candles. Some of it is mischievous like tampons and pregnancy tests. It is all in good fun and we have a blast every single year. My budget was $30 for Dirty Santa. I spent $47. I kept 2 headbands and picked up 4 loofahs for the house since I threw everyone’s loofahs away last week while cleaning the bathroom. So I stayed pretty close to my budget figuring in tax. But I spent well over an hour in there. Dangit.

5 hours after this trip started, I got home and immediately started wrapping the Dirty Santa gifts. If I didn’t do it then, I’d end up doing it at midnight the night before the party. No thanks. In the midst of wrapping, Mom discovered our ceiling in the kitchen is leaking. This is not a new issue. We’ve had it patched half a dozen times in the last 18 months and it just leaks in a new spot. I think it is time to get a new roof. Ughhh. Great timing roof – no one wants to lay shingles in the snow! We cleaned up the water and put bowls, buckets, and a cooler under the dripping spots. Nothing we can do besides wait it out. Again.

So now all the Dirty Santa gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I’ll bag it all up tomorrow and then I get to start wrapping Mom, Kid 1, and Kid 2 gifts. I’ve put this off for so long this year. But, I can’t put them under the tree until Christmas Eve anyways. I’m pretty sure Luna will tear them open as he has destroyed the bottom half of our tree. Damn cat. The bigger issue is Wilbur and Izzy. They tend to destroy any thing they can get their teeth on, Christmas gifts being a particular favorite. Last year, they shredded a Christmas stocking I’ve had since I was a toddler. It had M&Ms in it and they were determined to have them. They ended up eating my deodorant, not the M&Ms, though. Ugh. They also tore open about 1/3 of the gifts I had wrapped under the tree. I’m not taking any chances this year. I’ll wrap everything and stack it in a corner of my room until Mom is ready for bed on Christmas Eve. The dogs sleep with her so I only have to contend with whatever damage Luna can do overnight.

Shopping days are always such a hassle. I’m impatient to be done every single time. Children are constantly screaming. Carts and displays are always in the way. Other shoppers annoy me to no end. I almost always end up with a bleeding tongue from trying to stop myself from telling them how ridiculous they are acting. I didn’t win that battle today. I just kept telling myself that once it was over, I wouldn’t have to do this for a few months. Then I got home and realized I didn’t pick up the food for tomorrow’s party. Dangit. Again.

Do you like shopping? Like real in-a-store shopping? What on Earth is enjoyable about it? I’m really curious! Hit me in the comments. Wish me luck tomorrow Puffins!


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