Score Card Part 2

Welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff! Now that the basics are out of the way for the Score Card, I feel like some details need to be hammered out. My brain is a scary place and I assume a lot of things are understood by readers.

As I said in the previous post on the Score Card, I have 90 products that have been trialed over the last 1-5 months. They have all been scored. The lowest is a 6. The highest is a 23. The average score is about a 17. This does not account for different shades of the same product. I’ve made my way through a lot of makeup since July.

Any products that scored a 20 or higher are considered excellent products on my scale. They are products I would very likely buy again or will search for the same product in new shades. These products will likely get a glowing review in Solo Traveler. Anything that scores between 15-19 are considered good products. I might buy them again when I run out, especially if I catch them on sale. I might look for another shade or two from that formula. Then again, maybe I won’t. Just because I score it as good doesn’t mean I actually liked it. Anything that scores a 14 or less is considered a dud. They don’t necessarily go in the box of shame, but they just aren’t good. I might use them up but I won’t buy them again. I do hate wasting money after all.

Out of 90 products, only 9 of them are from high-end brands. I’ll be adding a 10th in a few weeks thanks to my Ulta purchase (see In The Bag #1). I have 1 of the Urban Decay palettes scored, 2 other UD products, 3 Too Faced Products, a deluxe sample size product from Japonesque, and 2 Tarte products. I did mention I am slowly working my way up to high-end stuff, right?

What surprised me is that while most of the high-end products have scored in the excellent range, a few have not. 3 of those 9 products only scored in the good range. 1 of those barely scored in the good range and I think I was being a bit too generous at the time of scoring!

I have 24 products that have made it into the excellent category. 18 of those are drugstore products. Considering I have 81 drugstore products rated, that isn’t incredibly surprising. Give me a year and I bet the top will look a bit different.

More surprising for me is that I have 14 products rated as duds. Before I started rating everything, I went on a purge and got rid of everything I hated. They were not just “this didn’t work for me” products. I loathed them. For me to turn around and still have 14 products that are just not good is astonishing to me.

Now there may be some skewed data there. Of those 14 dud products, the lowest 5 products were all purchased at the Dollar Tree. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for more often than not. There is reason things that would otherwise be sold at WalMart or its equivalent end up at the Dollar Tree. Packaging defects, misprints, and formula issues are the major reasons I am aware of. I don’t think anything is dangerous, just not right for mass market sales. Every single one of these 5 products must have a formula issue because they are pretty stinking awful. 😦

Sadly, 4 of my 14 duds are Elf products. I am a huge Elf fan girl. It was the brand that started this passion in the first place. But every Elf concealer I have ever tried has failed. And that makes me very put out. By comparison, I scored the NYX HD Photo concealer 1 point higher than the Tarte Aquacealer. If Aquacealer didn’t smell like paint thinner, it would have scored evenly with NYX’s concealer. I love the surprises that keep popping up!

Looking at specific types of products, I have scored 14 different eyeshadows.

Aside: I mentioned above that I only rated 1 of my Urban Decay palettes. I have 3. But because I want to be fair to other products, I only looked at 1 of those palettes. I have Shadowbox and it came out a few years ago. Temptalia reviewed and swatched it in September, 2014. The oldest reviews on are from March, 2015. I believe it has now been discontinued and retailers have marked down their stock to get it gone. That is obviously why I bought it and it was my first UD palette. The Alice Through the Looking Glass palette came out in May, 2016. I’m certain the formula is different from Shadowbox. I chose to use the Vice XX Lmt. Reloaded palette since it came out between the time of the other 2 palettes – January, 2016. That seemed like a fair balance to me.

Back to eyeshadows as a whole group. What is awesome about my list is that I use Excel to calculate the price per ounce of each product I score. Not because that factors into the review. But, it helps me look at groups and compare just how much they cost compared to another brand of the same product. I take the full weight of the product (as described by the manufacturer… I’m going to take their word for it) for this calculation. It is no surprise that the UD palette came in as the most expensive per ounce (almost $100 per ounce… damn!). The 2nd one down the list surprised the hell out of me though. Ulta’s Brilliant Eyeshadow singles came in 2nd at almost $84 per ounce. So while it might just be $10 on it’s own, I paid a heck of a lot based on the amount of product.

The Score Card may seem like a whole lot of extra work for something that is supposed to be fun. For me, this is fun though. I love comparing these products and finding out this stuff. What do you think? Do numbers and comparisons like this excite you? Do you have a specific product that I just need to try out (or maybe I already have…)? Hit me in the comments!

Have an amazing weekend Puffins!


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