Unboxed #1

Welcome back to Stuff in a Powder Puff. I’ve been dying to open the products in my Ulta.com order since Tuesday but I’ve been waiting patiently like a champ.

All so I could do this first Unboxed justice. And be honest. 😀

Before we jump in, I have to say that I have a cold or allergies or something going on. I am not 100% sure I can smell anything right now. If not, I will edit this post in a few days and update the smells.

First up, Elf Matte Lip Color in praline. Elf packaging is nice for the most part. The stuff that comes in the black boxes doesn’t look like drugstore packaging. But it can be difficult to open without tearing the box. I tore this one. Right off the bat I’m irritated with this lipstick because I could have swore I bought cranberry but my order shows prune. Eh I want them all so it is nbd. Then, upon opening the tube, I saw that the tube was twisted up so a small amount of the stick has been smashed into the lid. 😡 Ughhhh. But it is a $3 lipstick so I’m not storming Ulta. The lipstick doesn’t smell and once I sharpened it (getting rid of the smooshed part), it glided on like the other ones I own. The color is a very pretty nude.

2nd up is the Ulta Matte Lip Crayon in fireworks. I hope this is similar to the Elf Matte Lip Color. Ulta packaging for most of their cosmetics is bare bones. I appreciate a plastic sleeve that tells me if anyone has mucked with the product inside though. It has a strong floral smell. I hope that goes away. It was strong enough that I feel like it cleared my sinuses, at least temporarily. Oy. The product itself is retractable. No sharpener to be found. Sad! The formula is silkier than the Elf lip color but also feels wetter. It will be interesting to see if this actually dries down matte. For $8, it better do what it says it will do.

3rd up, Ulta Matte Lip Cream in bombshell. I hope it is similar to the NYX matte lip creams. Similar bare bones packaging. No smell so there is that. The applicator is a bit longer than what I’ve seen on other liquid lipsticks. I wonder how that will change application… It swatches amazingly and the color is brilliant. It kind of reminds me of red bricks that have an orangey-pinkish cast. Beautiful color! It was $9. I will eventually pick up some matte liquid lips from Colour Pop to compare to this lip and the NYX lips. For now, I can’t wait to try this one out.

4th up is the Ulta lip primer. It was $8. Once again, same typical Ulta clear plastic packaging. It smells like vanilla. I can’t decide if I’m okay with that or not. It feels good going on. Smooth. It is less tacky than the Colour Pop lip primer but not oily like the Elf lip primer, something in between the two.

5th up is the Ulta felt tip liner. I am really, really hoping this is a dupe for Too Faced’s Sketch Marker in black. For $9, I could total get behind this product and save my $20 for a different color Sketch Marker that isn’t black or brown. So this is the same Ulta packaging but since it is slimmer than the other products, it was much harder to get open. The packaging tore away in shreds and I had to get my teeth involved. Yuck. Opening it up, it looks like the Sketch Marker. It goes on just like it too. But it feels slightly more wet than the Sketch Marker. I wonder what the drying time will be on these.

6th up is the Lorac Mocktail Mixer. The packaging is pretty but seems very unnecessary for 3 lipsticks. The plastic tray inside is cheap and flimsy. For $24, I would expect it to be slightly more sturdy but I guess you’re paying for the product, not the packaging. I can’t complain anyways because I got it for $14. Off the bat, they do seem similar to the other lip crayons. They are retractable and dear mother of God, they have sharpeners in the base. Hallelujah! They have a slight smell but it isn’t overpowering. Ooh application is so smooth and soft. I’m going to have to be gentle with these babies. I feel like they are going to be fragile, it was that smooth. Burgundy wine swatches more red than berry. Autumn is a peachy nude. Italian rose is a dusty rose that could be bright or pastel, depending on the light and what it is paired with. Overall, these look great.

Last up is the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highligher in peach lights. I picked it up for $6 and I am super hopeful this is a good product. There was no packaging. Just a small piece of tape holding the lid closed. I’m slightly dubious about that. The compact it comes in is sturdy though. I didn’t realize this was some textured product. I don’t usually go for that. No smell that I can notice. Surprisingly, the color payoff is fairly strong with a finger swatch. It might actually be too light for me though. I will cry. I will have to try it with a brush and see.

I am not unboxing the Lash Accelerator I got with this order. Simply because I bought it on impulse rather than taking the time to research it. I don’t know if the product works or not so I may want to return it. More importantly, I don’t know if it is safe for sensitive skin or not. I’d rather not break out in hives near my eyeballs. Time to do some research!

Swatches will be here later today. See ya then Puffins!


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