In The Bag #1

As the first post for In the Bag, here is a quick summary of this segment.

As a frugal chick, I love getting pretty things for a bargain. It is my thing. I’m sure it is a thing for a lot of people. One of several segments planned for Stuff In a Powder Puff is bulk makeup purchases. In The Bag is all about that! Mini hauls to mega hauls, Ipsy Glam Bags and Morphe brush bag subscriptions, I’m going to gush about it! I will post a picture of my purchases, explain why I bought it, where I bought it, and how much it cost. Let’s go!

I’m so excited to get to this post already. I placed an order on on Thursday. Tracking said I’d have it buy Saturday this week. No complaints as I got free shipping. It arrived on Tuesday, 5 days ahead of schedule. So awesome!


Top row: Samples of Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent and Euphoria Men from Calvin Klein, Ulta Matte Lip Cream in bombshell, Ulta Classic Felt Tip Liner in black, Ulta Lip Primer (clear), Ulta Matte Lip Crayon in fireworks, and Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highligher in peach lights. Bottom row: Lorac Mocktail Mixer Pro Matte Lip Color Set of Three in autumn, italian rose, and burgundy wine, Elf Matte Lip Color in praline, and Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum for Lashes and Brows

I ordered most of these products because of Compare the Wear segments. Just a heads up, that is why I have so many lip products in this particular order.

When I order from Ulta, I always get the fragrance sampler. I’ve gotten some really good samples and they are good for 4-5 days of use if I don’t go crazy with it. I have no idea what I’ll do with the men’s cologne though. Maybe I’ll toss it in a Dirty Santa box for the family Christmas party. It was free so nbd.

I picked up the Ulta Matte Lip Cream to compare with the NYX soft matte lip cream I already own. It was $9 and Ulta was having a Buy 2, Get 2 Free sale.

Ulta’s Classic Felt Tip Liner looks similar to the Too Faced Sketch Markers I already own. It only comes in 2 colors though while Too Faced’s comes in 12. But if it works out, I’ll totally be down for a $9 dupe to the $20 real deal. The felt tip liner was part of Ulta’s B2G2 sale.

I have such high hopes for Ulta’s lip primer. It is normally $8. I only own 2 other lip primers. 1 from Elf that isn’t that great and 1 from Colour Pop which is my current Ride or Die lip primer… Is it because it is amazing or because I haven’t tried anything else yet? We shall find out! I got this lip primer free from the B2G2 sale.

Matte lip crayons have a special place in my heart. Next to mascara, they are probably my #1 makeup essential. Elf lip crayons are my Ride or Die, hands down. Maybe I’ve found a replacement? I picked this beauty up for free as part of the B2G2 sale. These are normally $8 and come in 10 shades. I’m on a bold lip kick so these shades work for me. I’m wondering how I’m going to sharpen this beast though! I haven’t opened anything and I just reread the description on Ulta. No mention of a sharpener in the base like Elf’s crayons… but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

When I started going through all of my makeup and reviewing them on the Score Card, I realized I own 1 highlighter. One. Uno. Une. Yeah. Wet N Wild’s Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink. Technically, that is 4 highlighters but I go to town swirling my brush all over that puppy. Since I was already making an order, I had to pick up an inexpensive highlighter. For my comparison segment, I swear! For science and beauty! Makeup Revolution has great prices through Ulta so I picked this pretty lil thing up for $6. I have high hopes for it.

My entire reasoning for ordering this mini haul was because of the Lorac Mocktail Mixer Pro Matte Lip Set. It went on a flash sale and I just happened to be reading my email when it came through. Normally, this set is $28 (with a retail value of $54 though). I picked it up for $14. These lips are set to compare to the Elf and Ulta lip crayons. I think they are similar. They looked like it online at least.

I picked up a 4th Elf matte lip color. My goal is to own all of them eventually. For $3 each, you just can’t beat it. When used with a decent primer, they go on smooth, dry down matte in a hurry, last all day, and survive eating Chipotle with minimal color fade. And they have a sharpener in the base which makes me beyond happy. I really can’t ask for more from a $3 lipstick. Or a $30 lipstick for that matter.

The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum was not a planned purchase and I actually forgot I ordered it until I opened the box. I don’t do serums or oils. I am already breaking one of my “You Probably Won’t See This Here” rules*. At any rate, my eyelashes are decent. However, my eyebrows are patchy. Years of over-plucking has left my already thin brows patchy and uneven. I didn’t pluck or wax my eyebrows for almost 18 months and they are still patchy and uneven. -.- This product claims to “support natural growth for lashes AND BROWS” so I’m giving it a shot. After 2 months of daily Hair, Skin, & Nail vitamins, the hairs on my head are growing in (my hair makes me look like a porcupine with my 1″ new hair growth no matter where I part it) and my nails are growing healthier and faster, but I don’t think it is doing jack for my eyebrows. Maybe this will work? Please? I picked this up for $9.99. I’m very skeptical that anything can help my brows at this point but I’m going to give it a try.

This purchase was worth the regular listed price of $80.99 (or $106.99 if you consider the retail value of the Mocktail Mixer set). I saved $30 on product off the regular listed price and got free shipping ($5.95 value) for spending $50 or more. I love Ulta.

*I just found out through another blog that Tee Tree Oil is a beauty aid, not just a first aid product. I’ve been using Tee Tree Oil for years as an antiseptic, ear ache soother, lice preventative for the kids, and more recently in my scalp exfoliant. So I really am breaking that rule all over the place!




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