You Will See This

Since I’ve posted my disclaimer (which you have read, right?!), I can finally get into the fun stuff. I have a bunch of beauty segments planned for this blog.

I’ve put several months into Stuff in a Powder Puff already even though my first official post was yesterday. I have been trying out makeup for the last 5 months to see what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve also been paying close attention to what about the product makes it great or a dud. I created a review system called the Score Card. I will go into further detail about the Score Card and my rating system in a different post. I want to give it the depth it deserves because it has really opened my eyes to my makeup collection.

  • Once you understand the Score Card, you will be better able to understand my product reviews. In a segment called Solo Traveler, I will be reviewing individual products after trialing them. I want to do products justice so I will not do an individual review on any products that I can’t use for at least a week. Most samples go out the window in that kind of a time frame. Some samples are generous in size though so they can make an appearance here. In Solo Traveler, I will discuss why I bought the product, the price per ounce (for price comparison to similar products), color matching, shade availability, wearability, texture, smell, blendability, sensitive skin reactions, and so on.
    • I want to gush about products that I love. I believe in finding positives in every facet of life so I will genuinely try to describe some positive characteristic of a product, even if it really doesn’t work for me in the end. But I will be honest about a product if I don’t like it. No shade or hate. Just honesty.
    • Since this is a review segment, I will try to include full-face pictures when it matters. I will try to remember to take pictures in good light and without a filter. No promises though. The light in my bedroom is yellow with tons of shadows; the light in my bathroom is too bright with tons of glare. In addition, I love that Snapchat filter. You know, that one that color corrects and brightens and slims everything.
    • Right now, I have 90 products that I have used over the last 5 months on my Score Card. This does not include different shades in the same brand and formula. I have 6 more products slated to be scored over the next couple weeks that just arrived today.
  • Speaking of new arrivals, I have a segment called In The Bag. It is all about new purchases, where I bought it, why I bought it, and how much was it?! It is glorified show-and-tell for adult glamazons. I just got my latest Ulta purchase in the mail so I totally need to open that box! In The Bag will include mini hauls (less than 10 pieces), hauls (10-15 pieces), and mega hauls (more than 15 pieces). Mega hauls are very rare. This segment will also include my monthly subscriptions to Ipsy and Morphe Brushes (via Live Glam). Both subscriptions start in January so those are coming soon.
    • You can jump on the Ipsy wagon with me and start getting bags in January right here if you want. I will pass along the Morphe details when I start that subscription. They ship within 48 hours or so of your order, unlike Ipsy which takes forever to get it going. I want these for each month of 2017 so I have to wait on Morphe until after New Years.
  • First impressions seem to be a popular item in beauty blogs and videos. Following that trend, I have a segment called Unboxed that is all first impressions. From price to packaging, to texture and smell, and down to that first swipe and blend, it will be here. I haven’t decided if I will do this every time I buy makeup or if it is just when I get something new. I don’t want to do an Unboxed segment on stuff that I already own in a different shade. That sounds boring. 😦
  • Going along with Unboxed and In the Bag is Swatch Me. While I don’t want to do a full segment on different shades of the same product, I am all about swatching. Heavy on pictures.
  • My favorite segment is Compare the Wear because it lets me really get into similar products (and gives me a reason to buy more makeup). This is all about how similar products wear over an 8-12 hour basis. I start putting my makeup on sometime between 5 and 5:30am. I set it between 6 and 6:30am. I get home from work sometime between 4:30 and 6pm. I take my makeup off sometime around 7 to 7:30pm. All of the timing depends on if I oversleep and how crazy the house is when I get home from work. This segment will include start of the day and end of the day pictures, details on touch-ups or reapplication, and so on.
    • I think this is ideal for primers, mascaras, eyeshadows, even foundations provided they are very similar in color. The only makeup I don’t think I can compare side by side is lipstick unless the colors are spot-on and I can be very conscious of not rubbing my lips together (little hope there) so that may have to be a day 1 and day 2 comparison.
  • Love/Hate Relationships is a rundown of makeup that didn’t work for me and gave to the kids (after I sanitized it). I already made a purge as I was preparing for this blog so this segment will be starting fresh with new products! Some of these products will show up in Solo Traveler prior to Love/Hate Relationships. If its a dud, I clean it and then it goes in the box of shame. Eventually, once there is enough products in the box, Kid 1 and Kid 2 get to duke it out over who gets what.
    • Don’t worry, I make them take turns picking stuff out. In the last purge, the box of shame had 2 Wet N Wild glitter singles included. Kid 2 immediately went in for both. I did that whole smack the damn hand thing and told Kid 1 to take the 2nd glitter single if she wanted it. If not, then it was up for grabs for Kid 2. Greedy little glitter runt.
  • Makeup, while a definite love, is not my life. There are days where I skip makeup altogether. However, I never skip my skin care routine. We Care About Skin Care is all about my skin care routine. Since this is specific to my own skin care products, this will be mostly about skin care products that work with oily skin, rosacea, and sensitive skin issues.
  • My Tool Box segment is all about makeup tools. I have a decent size collection of makeup brushes, blenders, eyelash curlers, and so on. They have all been cheap or free. However, my collection is always growing and I am slowly working my way up to higher quality tools. I’ll be talking about those here, how much they cost, my struggle to learn how to use them properly, and so on.
    • This will include a post on my DIY deep clean brush cleaning routine and a DIY daily brush cleaner too.
    • The brushes I get in my Morphe Brushes subscription will make a more detailed appearance here.
  • Wish List is a list of beauty items that I am currently eyeing somewhere. I keep ever-changing lists on,, and Some of them are wishful thinking (yeah I’m never buying that $100 lipstick or that $50 blush single). Some of them are things I plan to buy soon (looking at you Ben Nye No Color Powder and Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner).
    • My list is so unweildy and spread out. It may make more sense for this to be a stand-alone page that I can organize by product and then update as I make purchases, change my mind, or find something new to stalk for a few months.
    • If only beauty products had a site or app similar to Google flights where you could select a product, the site/app views the prices from the top distributors (airlines in the case of flights), and then the site/app watches the price trends and sends you an email the moment something goes on sale. That would be handy.
  • I have fickle hair. It was thin and fine with oily roots and a dry, flaky scalp until I changed my hair care routine in August. In the I’m A Hair Raiser segment, I will mostly gush about how much I love dry shampoo. And cry about missing hot showers. I’ll discuss hair colors I’m using, which dry scalp treatments work for me, and so on. This segment will not come up often though. I’m really not a hair person. You won’t see me in elaborate updos or braids. I don’t personally own (or use) a flat iron. I avoid the hair dryer unless it is an absolute necessity. I don’t use volumizers or frizz sprays or shine treatments. I have a simple hair care routine that doesn’t change now that I’ve figured it out.
  • The last segment is intended to be funny. Well That Happened is all about makeup fails and faux paus that I have committed. I’ll provide picture evidence. You provide the laughs. It is win-win for everyone. 😀

Do these segments sound interesting to read? They sound interesting to me to write about at least. Maybe it is too much? I’m just having so much fun with makeup and I want to talk about it all day long. For what it’s worth, I know this post is way too freaking long. Introductions are always difficult and awkward. I’ll try to write less of a novel in real posts.

Deails on the Score Card are coming next. My first In The Bag will be coming at you tomorrow. I will get an Unboxed and Swatch Me up shortly after that. Stay posted. Until next time Puffins!


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