You Probably Won’t See This Here

Before you get invested in Stuff in a Powder Puff, I figure I should toss out a few disclaimers.

First of all, I am not a makeup artist. I am a beginner. If you want to read about my journey into makeup, check the pages linked in the header. My Makeup Journey is a long read but it explains how I got from A to B. I am less than a year into this journey and getting better every day. But, once again, I am not a makeup artist.

I am uncomfortable making/giving product demonstrations. See the paragraph above as to why. I am 100% on board with showing off completed looks on myself. #SelfieQueen But if you ask me for a tutorial on that look, you’re gonna get a list of products and directions to mooshit. Mooshit = rub that stuff on your face wherever it seems to go. Because, honestly, that’s what I do. I watch YouTube for hours each week but when I sit down at my mirror, all that learning goes out the window and my brain screams Do you even know what you are doing?! And the answer is often a resounding NO. *For transparency purposes, I feel like mooshit is not really a word I made up. I might have stolen it from my friend Alisa. I don’t remember her saying it but I just feel like it is something she has said.

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Hashtags, as corny as they are, will appear often. Probably in every blog at least once. You will not see an apology for usage of said hashtags. To play nice, this is a preemptive sorry for the not sorry.

This blog is all about beauty products. However, there are some products you will likely never see on this blog. I won’t say “You won’t ever see this here.” Instead, I’ll say “You probably won’t see this here.” My tastes may change. Sales happen.

So what products will you not see?

  • Nail polishes and other nail items. I don’t do nail polish myself. I’m messy with it. It gets spilled or ends up all over my fingers. It never looks nice when I do it. Clean up is a hassle. I get my nails done instead. I love getting my cuticles cleaned up and having someone else paint my nails. I get a manicure 1 to 2 times per month, depending on how much money from my beauty budget has been spent elsewhere. I get a pedicure every 2 to 3 months. It is money well spent in my opinion. I’ll happily share pictures of my latest mani/pedi but it won’t be about product, just the pretty. I can’t even promise that I’ll know the shade the technician used. :/
  • Oils and serums. Um… I don’t know what these are for or how to use them. I haven’t gotten that deep into Makeup Land. These things may make an appearance at some point, but I’m not there yet.
  • Hair products and tools. I’m not big into hair care. I do what is necessary to keep my shoulder-length hair healthy and that’s about it. I don’t personally own a flat iron or a blow dryer. I will use Mom’s blow dryer if I’m in dire need… like I had to get a shower in the morning for some crazy reason and it is the middle of winter and I have to leave the house 10 minutes ago. Otherwise, my hair air-dries. I don’t curl it. I can’t braid anything more than a 3-strand braid and even those are horrible. I don’t use any product other than regular shampoo & conditioner, dry shampoo, scalp exfoliant, and a dry scalp shampoo. My tools consist of a pick, a regular brush, and a boar bristle brush. Everything else I own (dealing with hair) has to do with pulling it up out of my face- headbands, hair ties, and claw clips. I’m fairly concerned about hair care and more so scalp care. But it isn’t something I’m down to write about on a regular basis. I might talk about whatever hair color I’m using at some point (I have multicolored streaks in my hair, fyi) or my hair care routine. Sorry hair aficionados, this blog isn’t going to do much for your hair love.
  • Harsh chemicals and treatments. I have sensitive skin. Just getting my eyebrows waxed causes a major issue. You will never see me getting a chemical peel or using Retin-A or anything like that. I’m very uninterested in Botox or fillers. Unless I just didn’t know it was a bad thing for my skin (and then that will go into a Well That Happened segment – more on that later), then I won’t subject myself to that torture.
  • Falsies. I don’t wear false eyelashes. To be honest, they scare the hell out of me. I have this suspicion that I will be allergic to all the eyelash glues and I don’t want allergic reactions that close to my eyes. I already have fairly good eyelashes so I’ll be letting mascara do the work.
  • $100 anything. I am slowly warming up to high-end makeup. However, I spend weeks waiting for something to go on sale before I break down and buy it most of the time. I will not spend $100 on 1 product or set. Eyeko has a set on right now. $100 for a limited edition mascara, eyeliner, and brow gel. Nope. Suffice to say, I won’t have a ton of limited edition stuff in my makeup bag of that caliber. If it were 10-15 items (or more… more is good), I might consider it. But 3 items for $100? Not.
  • Sunglasses and other fashion accessories. I have had a long time love affair with beanies. Scarves are my 2016 fashion obsession. Ruining a good pair of boots is worthy of a death sentence. But… I am not planning on blogging about any of that. I don’t wear much jewelry due to sensitive skin issues. I can’t wear sunglasses because of my prescription glasses (uh… I’m literally nearly blind and no, contacts are not a thing). I am beyond uninterested in cataloging my outfit of the day. I don’t know a single shoe designer by name. I’m losing glam cred here but I gotta be me, dammit. Viva jeans and t-shirts!

That is a lot of nope in a list. As I get further along my journey, I’m sure some of these self-imposed rules of nope will go away. Maybe I’ll get over my fear of falsies. Or not.

See ya Puffins! (Uh… sorry for the corny nickname but I gotta have something to call you that isn’t folks, ladies and gentlemen, people, or reader. If you have a better suggestion, leave a comment!)


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